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(Product ID: OMS-Lite)

ProAcquire controls the system during data acquisition and records the data in a format that is compatible with the OMS-Lite image analysis software. ProAcquire allows the user to manipulate camera settings, file management, and other parameters.

OMS-Lite is a simpler version of our OMS ProImage package. OMS-Lite supports GUI-based PSP/TSP data processing in an interactive mode. The data reduction procedure for PSP involves taking the ratio of wind-off / wind-on images and converting this image to pressure using a calibration that relates this ratio to pressure. In practice, several other image processing steps are often required. These steps can include compensating for the background lighting, image alignment, image filtering, in-situ calibration, temperature correction, and resection (transformation of 3-D model coordinates into 2-D image coordinates), all of which are supported by OMS-Lite. The main window of OMS-Lite is shown below. It allows the user to load the relevant wind-off and wind-on data files, and to access any of the image processing and calibration features.​

GUI Front Panel of OMS-Lite

The following images show a basic single-channel (single luminophore paint) dataset being processed. The dataset begins with the raw wind-on image. The background is then removed from the image, and then the image is filtered, then the wind-off/wind-on ratio is taken and converted to pressure.

Unfiltered Image

Background Removed and Image is Filtered for Wind On Correction

Ratio Image (Wind off/ Wind on) with low-pass filterin

Pressure Image


OSM Lite Data Sheet.pdf

Software: OMS-Lite v1.2.3 

Lab Demonstration 1.pdf

Lab Demonstration 2.pdf

Lab Demonstration 3.pdf

Lab Demonstration 4.pdf


(Product ID: OMS-30i)

ProImage is a data processing software developed for higher-end users for experiments with multiple cameras and test conditions.  ProImage includes many image editing and data processing tools that the basic OMS-Lite does not.  A region of interest can be selected and cleaned up in ProImage to produce high-quality pressure or temperature fields.Many additional features are available in ProImage to clean up images.  Imperfections such as screw holes, markers, and paint imperfections can be removed from the field.

Pressure image of delta wing surface in ProImage


ProImage User Manual.pdf

ProImage Data Sheet.pdf

ProImage Tutorial.pdf

Software: OMS ProImage x32.exe

Software: OMS ProImage x64.exe 


(Product ID: OMS-30g)

ProGraph is a software package used to create a mesh of a model.  This mesh is created so that the pressure or temperature field can be mapped to it using the ProField software. ProGraph will output .dat and .apt meshes, the major difference being the structure of the grid. ProGraph is compatible with .stl files to create a mesh from.  Structured meshes can be created and instruction is available in the ProGraph user manual.

Mesh of a NACA 0012 wing section created in ProGraph


Data Sheet.pdf

User Manual.pdf

Software: OMS ProGraph x64.exe


(Product ID: OMS-30f)

Profield is a software package used to map images such as pressure and temperature fields, to a mesh.  A 3D or 2D mesh created in ProGraph is loaded into ProField and then a bitmap created in ProField is resection to the mesh.  Alignment is done with markers and via a manual image alignment tool.  ProField can map to complex geometries for testing done on an entire aircraft model.  This software gives the user the advantage of impressive experimental 3D maps of surface pressure, temperature and pressure coefficient.

Pressure Image being mapped to 3D surface in ProField


User Manual.pdf

Data sheet.pdf



(Product ID: OMS-30a)

ProAcquire is a image acquisition software for PSP and TSP measurements.  ProAcquire is compatible with PCO.1600 series cameras and the PSP-CCD series cameras.  Camera, lamps, pulse generators and lens controllers can be controlled from multiple viewing angles over a local network.  The standard version of ProAcquire operates with ISSI cameras, lamps, lens controllers, and pulse generators.  Data taken in ProAcquire is stored as a 12- or 14-bit .tiff file which can be opened by either ProImage, OMS-Lite, ImageJ or Matlab.  For a detailed explanation of the features of ProAcquire, please see the user manual.

ProAcquire features an easy-to-use graphical user interface to control the hardware

ProAcquire features a multi-camera control capable of operating an entire data acquisition system from a single computer


Data Sheet.pdf

Instruction Manual.pdf

Software: ProAcquire v2.4.7 x64.exe

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