Fast Pressure Sensitive Paints

Fast-Responding Pressure Sensitive Paint 


(Product ID: TF-XXX)

TurboFIB™ pressure sensitive paint (PSP) is a single-luminophore, single application PSP formulated to be applied with paint spraying equipment.  TurboFIB® provides many of the advantages of UniFIB® PSP, but with faster response (1 kHz) and reduced temperature sensitivity.  This paint formulation may be excited effectively from 380-nm to 550-nm, however, 400-nm radiation from ISSI LED modules is recommended for ideal response and pressure sensitivity.  The paint may be applied to most surfaces, though it is recommended that plastics and rapid prototyping resins first be coated with SCR-XXX (Screen layer) or FB-XXX (FIB Basecoat™) to protect the surface from solvent damage.  The calibration of TurboFIB® (shown below) is very stable and repeatable thus TurboFIB™ is recommended for advanced/professional PSP users who seek high quality data. Paint is sold in quantities of 200-ml, 400-ml.  Custom quantities are available upon request. Surface coverage is approximately 1 m2 per liter.

Available quantities: 200-ml, 400-ml, 750-ml

Surface coverage is approximately 1 square meter  per liter. 


TurboFIB™ Painting Instructions.pdf

TurboFIB™ SDS.pdf

TurboFIB™ Datasheet.pdf

Calibration (PSP-CCD-M): TurboFIB™

Calibration (PCO.1600): TurboFIB™

Calbration of TurboFIB™ PSP

Emission spectra of TurboFIB™ PSP Excited using LM2X-DM-400 LED

TurboFIB™ Response to Nitrogen Fluidic Oscillator Impingement Intensity Response vs. Time

TurboFIB™ Response to Nitrogen Fluidic Oscillator Impingement G (dB) vs Frequency

Porous, Fast-Response PSP

(Product ID: FP-XXX)

Porous, Fast-Response PSP is a three component, single-luminophore high speed pressure sensitive paint (PSP) formulated to provide high speed response (>10kHz) suitable for unsteady pressure   measurements with high pressure sensitivity.  The temperature sensitivity of these paints is higher than UniFIB® or TurboFIB™ so this PSP is best suited for isothermal environments.  This paint comes in three parts. Determine how much PSP you need for your application and measure out part A by volume.  Part B will be measured out 4% by volume of part A (a reusable measuring syringe is provided with the order for convenience). Shake the part A and B mixture well.  This mixture is to be sprayed with paint spraying equipment on to the surface of study with a wet application to achieve a smooth finish.  This application is the base layer. Once the base layer is dry, apply part C with paint spraying equipment, the overspray.  The overspray, part C, may be reapplied more than once.  A typical order would be a 100mL kit which would consist of three containers: 100 mL of part A, 5 mL of part B, 100mL of part C.

Available quantities: 100-ml, 200-ml, 400-ml, 750-ml

For the 100-ml quantity, the coverage is about 1 square foot.  


Porous, Fast-Response PSP Painting Instructions.pdf

Porous, Fast-Response PSP SDS Part A.pdf

Porous, Fast-Response PSP SDS Part B.pdf

Porous, Fast-Response PSP SDS Part C.pdf

Porous, Fast-Response PSP Datasheet.pdf

Calibration (PCO.1600): Fast Porous PSP


Calibration of Porous Fast-Response PSP

Emission Spectra of Porous Fast-Response PSP Excited using LM2X-DM-400 LED

Mean and unsteady pressure distribution on the 3/16-inch normal injection block operating at 703-kPa using fast porous PSP.

Porous, Fast-Response PSP framing at 25 kHz on transverse jet injecting into Mach 2.0 flow

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