Manifold Molecular Iodine Cell

Manifold Cell

(Product ID: I2M-5, I2M-5U, I2M-10, I2M-10U)

To create a sealed starved cell with a flexible set point, a glass cell with an attached cold-finger and vacuum port is constructed. The vacuum port and cold-finger include stopcocks. The cell is evacuated and cold-finger filled with Iodine is brought to the desired vapor pressure (cold-finger operating temperature). The stem between the cold-finger and cell is then sealed by closing the stopcock, isolating the Iodine in the cell body and fixing the number density. The cell is then operated 10-20 °C above the cold-finger set temperature and the Iodine in the cell is a super-heated vapor with a set number density. The result is a molecular cell with a very stable absorption spectra.

Iodine-vapor cells with a manifold are 3-in.-dia, 5-in.-long or 10-in.-long Pyrex cells.  Standard cells are manufactured with 1/4 grams of iodine (actual pressure determined by temperature of water cooling jacket at the time of operation).  The cells feature an integrated Type T thermocouple and rugged aluminum housing.  These cells are manufactured with a prescribed iodine partial pressure (specified by user at time of order).  In addition, transitions can be pressure broadened with buffer gas supplied by user through a fill-port.

Cell Profile Showing Manifold

Ordering Information

  • Specify length of 5-inch (I2M-5) or 10-inch (I2M-10)
  • Specify Set Point Temperature
  • Specify single phase voltage (120 VAC or 240 VAC) 


Manifold Iodine Cell -120VAC – Data Sheet.pdf

Manifold Iodine Cell -240VAC – Data Sheet.pdf

Manifold Iodine Cell Operating Instructions.pdf

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