Acquisition Software


ProAcquire is an image acquisition software for pressure and temperature sensitive paint systems.  ProAcquire is compatible with CCD cameras supplied by ISSI.  The standard version of ProAcquire operates with ISSI cameras, LEDs, lens controllers, and pulse/delay generators.  Control for each piece of hardware is integrated into ProAcquire, making the software a master control system.  Data taken in ProAcquire is stored as a 12-bit .TIF file which can be opened by either ProImage, OMS-Lite, ImageJ or Matlab.  For a detailed explanation of the features of ProAcquire, please see the user manual.


ProAcquire Data Sheet.pdf

ProAcquire User Manual.pdf

ProAcquire Multi-Camera

ProAcquire Multi-Camera User Interface

For large-scale PSP/TSP systems where an array of cameras and LEDs are utilized, ProAcquire Multi-Camera offers full control of the entire PSP system from a single master computer.  The software is installed on the master computer and operates over the local network to control all PSP hardware with the click of a button.  Cameras can be synchronized for simultaneous acquisition and data is streamed directly to separate hard drives.  For commercial PSP systems where data turnaround time is key, ProAcquire Multi-Camera is a recommended.

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