Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser

Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser

(Product ID: LM2X-10R40-D)

The LED reflector and diffuser is a 10-degree reflector for concentration of output light from an LED.  The intensity output on the illuminated surface is 2-3 times greater when using the reflector.  The diffuser creates a uniform light distribution and reduces the structure pattern of the individual LEDs.  The reflector and diffuser is compatible with all LM2 series LEDs and is threaded onto the front of the LED onto the 52mm filter mount.

For wind tunnel models in pressure sensitive paint tests with high-aspect ratio wings or for large wind tunnels where the model is farther away, the reflector and diffuser is a useful tool to focus the LED light directly onto the model surface.


Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser Datasheet.pdf

Parabolic Reflector and Diffusor Drawing.pdf

LED without Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser
LED with Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser

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