Molecular Iodine Cells

Iodine Cells

ISSI’s molecular iodine vapor reference cells are made for a variety of applications, set based on the user specifications. All cells are made of borosilicate glass.  The spectrum of molecular Iodine includes discreet rotational and vibrational bands with very fine structure in the visible (490-650 nm) spectrum.  For this reason, Iodine has been used as frequency references for years.  More recently, Iodine has been used as frequency discriminators in Planar Doppler Velocimetry (PDV) and Filtered Rayleigh Scattering (FRS) systems.  

Transmission versus frequency for 5-inch iodine cell at a range of vapor pressure set points. Long term stability of sealed Iodine Cell

When used in PDV/FRS systems, the stability of the Iodine cell transmission-vs-frequency profile has been identified as a significant source of error.  This instability is caused by variations in the Iodine number density.  The number density (pressure) of the Iodine vapor is a strong function of temperature, and therefore, small changes in cell temperature (~ 0.1 °C) can have significant impact on the transmission-vs-frequency profile.  An improved design, the starved or super-heated vapor cell, is the basis of the ISSI cell design.

Sealed Iodine Cell Connected to Temperature Controller

Cells are available permanently sealed or with a manifold to pressure broaden transitions.

Permanently Sealed Molecular Iodine Cell

Manifold Molecular Iodine Cell

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