High Intensity LED Sources

High Intensity LED Light Sources

High-intensity LED light sources are used for a wide variety of scientific measurements including: pressure and temperature sensitive paints, schlieren, shadowgraph and particle shadow velocimetry.  ISSI offers various models with both air, forced air and water cooling.  Water-cooled LED systems deliver higher output power and are typically used in larger research facilities and for fast pressure sensitive paint measurements.

ISSI LEDs Lighting up the SAAB Gripen High Speed Wind Tunnel Model During a Pressure Sensitive Paint Test at Aircraft Research Association in England

2" Air Cooled LEDs

4" Air Cooled LEDs

2" Water Cooled LEDs

3" Vortex Cooled LEDs

Particle Shadow Velocimetry LEDs

Schlieren and Shadowgraph Sources

Parabolic reflector and Diffuser