Motorized Zoom Lens Control

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Motorized Zoom Lens Controller

(Product ID: LC-1S)

The Motorized Zoom Lens Controller (LC-1S) is a compact controller for motorized zoom lenses. The LC-1S can operate lenses with up to three motors with or without potentiometers as well as auto-iris lenses with DC or Video iris. The Ethernet connection makes communication much simpler than traditional serial lens controllers and also allows it to be operated over a longer distance than serial devices.

The LC-1S is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac via API commands.


  • Control motorized zoom lenses with 9-16V motors
  • Accurate control of  Zoom, Focus, and Aperture
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Connect to and control multiple devices over a local network
  • Easy to use software interface or TCP/IP API commands
  • Unlimited programmable preset capability to easily store and recall saved positions on the lens
  • Hirose locking connector for lens communication (zoom, focus and motorized iris)
  • Standard 4 pin EIAJ connector for Auto Iris (DC or Video)

Uses for this device include Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), event monitoring, wide-area surveillance, machine vision, and optical based measurements in wind tunnels or other large test facilities.


CCTV Lens Controller (LC-1S) Datasheet.pdf

CCTV Lens Controller (LC-1S) User Manual.pdf

LC-1S Drawing.pdf

User Interface: v.2.3.3 Windows (32/64 bit)

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