Schlieren and Shadowgraph Sources

LED Modules for Schlieren and Shadowgraph Applications

(Product ID: LMS-XXX)

The LMS-XXX is a 2-inch, air-cooled LED light source used for schlieren and shadowgraph applications. The LMS-XXX can operate in continuous (DC) or pulsed mode.
The LMS-XXX features a variable width slit to adjust the amount of output light from the module. Power supply and carrying case are included with the LED. The wavelength of the LMS-XXX is user defined and based on available LED wavelengths. XXX denotes wavelength in nanometers. The standard wavelength is 460-nm but custom wavelengths can be made.


Schlieren & Shadowgraph LED (LMS-XXX) Datasheet.pdf

Schlieren & Shadowgraph LED (LMS-XXX) Operating Instructions.pdf

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