Miniature S3F System

Miniature S3F System

(Product ID: FTS3F-DM)

The miniature S3F system is a small packaged S3F imaging system for measuring shear forces of an object moving along the surface.  It utilizes a high-resolution camera and built-in LED array to image a Surface Stress Sensitive Film (S3F) layer, polymerized on a glass window.  The S3F layer contains fluorescent particles that deform under shear loads to provide shear vectors.

The system features an active measurement area of 2.5 x 2.5 inches with a spatial resolution of 1-2 mm.  The size makes the system ideal for small scale testing of insects or small animal/reptile footprint measurements.  The S3F layer can be made to a specified shear range for different applications.  The interchangeable top window frame can be purchased separately if additional layers with differing shear and pressure ranges are required.  

Ordering Information:

Specify linear shear and pressure range for the S3F layer.

Shear Vectors of a Spider Footprint Captured by the Mini S3F System


Miniature S3F System Data Sheet.pdf

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