Packaged PSP Systems

Packaged PSP Systems

Educational PSP/TSP System

The educational PSP/TSP system provides everything needed to get started with PSP and TSP.  This system provides high spatial resolution, excellent dynamic range, but lower data capture rates than our higher-end systems.  For applications where time in the wind tunnel is not a critical issue, it represents an excellent cost/performance trade-off.  This system provides full capability for undergraduate demonstrations, training, and laboratory exercises.  It will support all but the most demanding graduate and faculty research programs requiring distributed pressure and temperature measurements in wind tunnel environments.  The system employs proven ISSI LED technology for excitation of the luminous probes in the paints.  The camera is based on a color CCD chip, eliminating the need for a filter wheel when using bi-luminophore paints.  The OMS-Lite software package is easy to use and fully supports the educational and research capabilities of the PSP/TSP system.

Standard System Components

Color CCD Camera

14 bit, Megapixel color, Gigabit Ethernet Cable

LM2X-DM-400 LED Array

4-5W optical output @ 400-nm, TTL control


Pulse/delay generator for instrument control

Parbolic Reflector and Diffuser

Focuses output of LM2 series LEDs from 120- to 40-degrees giving 2-3 times increased focused output.

PSP/TSP Starter Kit

PSP starter kit including beginner paints in spray cans, Binary FIB and FIB Basecoat with HVLP paint gun and airbrush with compressor and fittings.

Optical Kit

This kit contains all lenses and filters needed to get started using PSP and TSP.  Available with c-mount or Canon® EF mount lenses.

ProAcquire and OMS-Lite

Data acquisition and data reduction graphical user interfaces.


Laptop computer pre-loaded with software and 64-bit Windows OS.

Pressure distribution on delta wing with flow velocity of 32 m/sec and 10 deg angle of attack.

Pressure distribution over a NACA 0012 wing with flow velocity 30 m/s and 10 deg. angle of attack.
















These lab experiments are specially designed to demonstrate PSP/TSP techniques in undergraduate fluids and aero labs.  Use these instruction manuals to improve your PSP/TSP knowledge and skill, and as templates for laboratory classes.

Lab 1: Introduction to OMS Lite

Lab 2: PSP Data Acquisition and Processing

Lab 3: Low-Speed Delta Wing

Lab 4: Pressure Gradients over a Wing


Color CCD Camera

(Product ID: PSP-CCD-C/M)

The PSP-CCD is a 2-megapixel CCD camera.   The camera is small and lightweight at 210g allowing for an array of cameras to be mounted in a tight place for larger scale models and applications.  Communication with the PSP-CCD is via Gigabit Ethernet.  The camera comes in two styles, one with a color array and one with a monochrome array.  The color camera is used in Binary PSP and particle shadow velocimetry applications whereas the monochrome version is used in monochrome PSP or S3F applications.

Sensor Specifications

Resolution 1600 x 1200 (active)
TypeKAI-2020 CCD
Format 11.89 mm (H) x 8.94 mm (V), 14.8 mm diagonal (1” optical format)
Pixel Size7.4 µm
Frame Rate35 fps (40 MHz) Standard clock

44 fps (50 MHz) Overclocked
Electron Full Well Capacity20,000
Readout Noise20 Electrons
Dynamic Range60dB
Output Format(s)8, 12, 14-bit (single AD only)
Binning H/L1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x
Interframe Transfer Time200 ns
Maximum Exposure16 seconds


PSP-CCD (2 megapixel) Datasheet.pdf

PSP-CCD (4 megapixel) Datasheet.pdf

PSP-CCD Installation and Operation Manual.pdf

User Interface:

Ordering Information:

  • Color version: PSP-CCD-C
  • Monochrome version: PSP-CCD-M

2 and 4 megapixel cameras available.

2-Inch Air-Cooled LED Module

(Product ID: LM2X-DM-XXX)

The LM2X-DM-XXX is an LED based light source that provides uniform, stable illumination, for Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint measurements. The LED provides uniform, stable illumination, for Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint measurements.  The LM2X-DM-XXX has been designed for radiometric PSP and TSP systems. The LED can operate continuously or in a long pulsed mode.



Optical Power4-5 W
Input48VDC at 2.7A
Stability~0.1 % per hour after warmup
Wavelength400-nm, 460-nm
Rise time (10% - 90%)< 5 µs
Fall time (90% - 10%)~ 250 µs
Maximum Duty Cycle100%
Operating Temperature-10°C to 60°C
FWHM+/- 18-nm


LM2X-DM-XXX Datasheet.pdf

Air-cooled LED Operating Instructions.pdf

Pulse/Delay Generator

(Product ID: PSG-3)

The PSG-3 is a four channel digital pulse/delay generator used for controlling the timing of experiment parameters and can be used as an experiment master clock or externally triggered (or gated) by an external event. The PSG-3 replaces the PSG-2 in the ISSI product line.

Pulse width, delay, repetition rate, and other timing parameters are controlled by a simple user interface (or also by any web browser interface) and communication is via Ethernet or USB.


CapabilityTwo dual-channel independently programmable pulse generators

Input trigger thresholding
FeaturesFour high-current TTL outputs

Divide-by-N circuit
ControlMultiple PSG-3s can be cascaded to increase the number of channels

Easy to use software interface or TCP/IP API commands for integration
NetworkingMultiple devices can be connected and simultaneously controlled over a network

10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
VersatilityMultiple timing bases (s, ms, µs, ns)

BNC inhibit input (TTL high level) to allow the PSG-3 to be gated by an external source.


PSG-3 Datasheet.pdf

PSG-3 User Manual.pdf

User Interface: PSG-3 User Interface

USB Drivers: PSG-3

Firmware: Latest Firmware


Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser

(Product ID: LM2X-10R40-D)

The LM2X-10R40-D reflector and diffuser is a 10-degree reflector for concentration of output light from an LM2 series LED.  The intensity output on the illuminated surface is 2-3 times greater when using the reflector.  The diffuser creates a uniform light distribution and reduces the structure pattern of the individual LEDs.









Parbolic Reflector and Diffuser Datasheet.pdf

PSP/TSP Starter Kit

(Product ID: PSP-K)

The PSP/TSP Starter Kit contains painting hardware and paints necessary to get started with pressure and temperature sensitive paint research.

Starter kit for new PSP/TSP users includes: 

  • 12-oz aerosol spray cans of: UniCoat PSP, Binary UniCoat PSP, UniTemp TSP
  • 400 ml of: Binary FIB PSP, FIB Basecoat,
  • HVLPaint gun
  • Air Brush
  • Air brush compressor


PSP/TSP Starter Kit Datasheet.pdf

Test Models

Models available upon request:

Delta Wing

0012 Wing












Package Options

The PSP system package has several options for purchase.  Depending on the size of the facility the system will be used in, some different optical kits may be appropriate.  Addidtional LEDs and cameras can also be added to systems and seamelessly integrated.  Building a system with the appropriate hardware for your facility is paramount to the success of the results. For questions about your application, please contact ISSI for technical assistance.

Optical Kits

Camera lens and filter kits are included for use with the PSP system.  Using the right filter for a particular paint is essential to the test.  Kits include the filters, lenses and adapters.  There are two options for optical kits.  One kit is geared towards small c-mount lenses for close-up applications or where space is limited.  The other kit is for small to large applications and offers remote control of the included lenses.

C-mount Optical Kit

(Product ID: OP-K-C)

The C-mount lens kit contains c-mount lenses, filter adapters and housings and all optical filters used with ISSI PSPs and TSPs.

Kit Components

Filter Ring4
Step-Up Ring3
8-mm c-mount1
16-mm c-mount1
25-mm c-mount1



OP-K-C Datasheet.pdf

EF Mount Lens Kit

(Product ID: OP-K-EF)

The EF lens kit contains the LC-2 lens controller for Canon EF lenses, two Canon EF lenses, filter adapters and housings and all optical filters used with ISSI PSPs and TSPs.

Kit Components

Filter Ring4
Step-Down Ring2
50-mm f/1.4 Lens1
28-mm f/1.8 Lens1
LC-2 Lens Controller1


OP-K-EF Datasheet.pdf

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