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Discounted and discontinued items will appear on this page as they are available.  Please contact the sales department to inquire about availability or to place an order.  

CCTV Lens Controller

The CCTV Lens Controller (LC-1) is a control device for motorized zoom lenses.  The LC-1 can operate lenses with up to three motors with or without potentiometers.  This device is not compatible with auto-iris lenses (for iris control).  Communication is via 10/100 Ethernet.  This controller is discontinued and will be available while supplies last.

LC-1 Datasheet.pdf

New Price: $695.95

Used Price: $324.99

Rainbow 10-100mm motorized zoom lens.  These lenses are wired to operate with the LC-1 or LC-1S.  Lenses also available new in box with LC-1/LC-1S lens cable.  Call or submit an inquiry for availability.

S10X10M-II PZFI Lens Shown with LC-1/LC-1S Cable

S10X10M-II Datasheet.pdf

New Price: $1,199.99 – Please note, new lenses have a centric ND Filter installed inside.

Used Price: $324.99

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