Pulse/Delay Generator

Pulse/Delay Generator

(Product ID: PSG-3)  

The PSG-3 is a four channel digital pulse/delay generator used for controlling the timing of experiment parameters and can be used as an experiment master clock or externally triggered (or gated) by an external event. The PSG-3 replaces the PSG-2 in the ISSI product line.

Pulse width, delay, repetition rate, and other timing parameters are controlled by a simple user interface (or also by any web browser interface) and communication is via Ethernet or USB.


  • Two dual-channel independently programmable pulse generators (each PSG-3 has 4 total channels).  The PSG-3 can produce two separate frequency outputs either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Four high-current TTL level outputs extend the utility of this generator by allowing it to drive low impedance loads (50 Ohms) such as solenoids and drive logic over long cable runs
  • Browser accessible HTTP-interface (internal web-server)
  • Remotely programmable through Ethernet or USB via simple software interface (or HTTP-based API)
  • Multiple timing bases (ns, us, ms)
  • Multiple PSG-3s can be cascaded to increase the number of channels
  • BNC inhibit input (TTL high level) to allow the PSG-3 to be gated by an external source
  • User application controlled or external signal triggering
  • Firmware upgradeability through USB
  • 50 MHz maximum trigger rate (20ns delay resolution)
  • Divide-by-N from 1-255
  • Input Trigger Threshold 0.05-5.0V
  • Simple LabVIEW® integration

Ideal for laser timing systems, automated testing, and precision pulse applications.

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PSG-3 Data Sheet.pdf

PSG-3 Manual.pdf

PSG-3 Drawing.bmp

GUI Interface for USB/Ethernet: PSG-3 User Interface v1.5.5

Drivers: PSG-3

PSG-3 Firmware: Latest Firmware

Pulse Generator GUI Full View Pulse Generator GUI Compact View

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