4-Inch Air-Cooled LEDs

4-Inch Air-Cooled LEDs

(Product ID: LM4X-DM-***)

Where water-cooling is not an option, the choice is 4-inch, air-cooled LEDs.  The 4-inch, air-cooled LEDs are utilized in larger wind tunnels or test facilities where a model is relatively far (more than 2 feet).  They offer nearly the same power output as the water-cooled LEDs without the need for an external water source.  The LED is composed of an LED module with drive electronics and trigger input and a separate power supply.

The continuous 4-inch, air-cooled LED light source provides uniform, stable illumination, for radiometric pressure and temperature sensitive paint measurements.  The unit operates continuously or in long-pulse mode, designed for radiometric systems using the continuous/long-pulse driver (module for radiometric).  The operation mode is set using an external toggle switch.  The pulse width and frequency are set by sending an external TTL signal to the BNC trigger input.  The duty cycle may be set from 0% to 100%.

The light distribution from either system is approximately Gaussian for distance greater than 18-inches (45-cm) from the source.  The units are available in 400-nm and 460-nm packages, however, other wavelengths are available upon request.  No external cooling source is required.  The unit is cooled by two fans built into the package which drive air to the heat sink.

Ordering Information:

  • LED System: LM4X-DM-*** (LED head with DC/long pulse driver)
  • Dual Power Supply for multiple units (LM4X-DPS)

**Note: “-***” denotes wavelength for LED heads.

Dual Power Supply


4-inch Air-Cooled LED Data Sheet.pdf

4-inch, Air-Cooled LED Operating Instructions.pdf

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