Permanently Sealed Molecular Iodine Cell

Permanently Sealed Cell

(Product ID: I2S-5, I2S-5U, I2S-10, I2S-10U)

To create the permanently sealed starved cell, the cell is evacuated and cold-finger filled with Iodine brought to the desired vapor pressure (cold-finger operating temperature). The stem between the cold-finger and cell is then permanently sealed with a torch, isolating the Iodine in the cell body and fixing the number density. The cell is then operated 10-20 °C above the cold-finger set temperature and the Iodine in the cell is a super-heated vapor with a set number density. The result is a molecular cell with a very stable absorption spectra.


5-Inch Sealed Cell 10-Inch Sealed Cell

Permanently sealed iodine-vapor cells are 3-in.-dia, 5-in.-long or 10-in.-long Pyrex cells. The cells feature an integrated Type T thermocouple and rugged aluminum housing. These cells are manufactured with a prescribed iodine partial pressure (specified by user at time of order). In addition, the transitions can be pressure broadened with nitrogen partial pressure (specified at time of order).  The cells can be made for either 120VAC or 240VAC single phase.

  • Specify length of 5-inch (I2S-5) or 10-inch (I2S-10)
  • Specify Set Point Temperature
  • Specify single phase voltage (120 VAC or 240 VAC) 


Permanently Sealed Iodine Cell – 120VAC – Data Sheet.pdf

Permanently Sealed Iodine Cell – 240VAC – Data Sheet.pdf