Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

ISSI has 20+ years experience in the design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of scaled gas turbine combustors, fuel injectors, and turbine components for the Aerospace Systems Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory.  State-of-the-art CFD codes and reactor-network codes with complex chemistries are extensively used as diagnostic and analysis tools for planning experiments, design modifications and optimization studies. Engineers and scientists at ISSI are experts in planning and conducting applied research studies including rig design.

ISSI has pioneered the development of numerous laser diagnostic tools for combustion analysis. Our researchers are specialized in obtaining simultaneous, instantaneous data using multiple laser systems. The techniques routinely used by ISSI in understanding complex combustion processes include:

  • Reactive MIE Scattering
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy
  • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Particle Shadow Velocimetry
  • Laser Doppler Velocimetry
  • Thin-Filament Velocimetry
  • Plasma Diagnostics

Scientific liaison with major engine manufacturers (e.g., Pratt and Whitney and General Electric) and with acquisition program offices is a continuing area of support.  ISSI has the appropriate clearances and disclosure agreements required for the management of propriety, sensitive and classified information.

ISSI assists our customer in preparation of successful multi-million dollar funding applications to DARPA, the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, and others.